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The following software was never installed, but given to our company by Microsoft in exchange for access to our video software.  
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We will take any reasonable offer for the .NET training course.

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Microsoft .net Developer
Training system

Large manual with CD and upgrade guide with [self-paced] Microsoft .net Training.

1) .NET Developer career skills roadmap
Large 3-ring training notebook:
2) VS.NET Training
3) Module 1: What is Microsoft.NET?
4) Module 2: Visual Studio .NET RAD for the Next Generation Web
5) Module 3: The .NET Languages
6) Module 4: Building ASP.NET Applications
7) Module 5: Using Data Access in .NET Application
8) Module 6: Object Oriented Concepts in .Net
9) Module 7: Creating Windows Applications
10) Module 8: Using XML in .NET
11) Module 9: Creating XML Web Services
12) Module 10: Code Instrumentation and Middle Tier Technologies
13) Module 11: Security in .NET
14) Module 12: Lifecycle Tools for .NET
15) Module 13: Configuring and Deploying .NET Applications
16) Module 14: Application Interoperability
17) Module 15: Migrating Application to .NET
18) Module 16: Building Application for Mobile Devices
19) Appendix A: Common Utilities
20) Appendix B: Common Datatypes
21) Appendix C: Third-Party Languages for .NET
22) Appendix D: Advanced Security in .NET
23) .NET Glossary
24) IDL Attributes

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