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5.          Installing the software


Insert the software CD into your drive. Double-click the file SETUP.EXE if the setup program does not start automatically. Follow the instructions on the screen. The setup program will give you the option of restarting your computer if required to enable certain features.



6.       Running the application


The first time you launch the Software application, you will be asked to select a camera. Select your camera from the list or select NO CAMERA if you want Software to move but not view your camera.


Clicking the bottom left arrow shows you the available controls. You can display tool tips describing the controls by moving the mouse pointer over them.


The right panel displays camera video and includes the basic movement control buttons.


The question mark button at the top of the right panel displays the user guide.



7.          Limitations


Keep away from dust and moisture. Supply power with Universal Serial Bus (USB 1.1 or above) only. Not applicable for critical usage or hazardous environments. Operate at temperatures between 32ºF and 132ºF (0ºC and 55ºC) only. This device is designed for indoor use only.























Heavy Duty Base
QuickStart Guide



Thank you for purchasing the Heavy Duty Remote Control Base. This QuickStart Guide is meant to get you up and running as quickly as possible. For detailed documentation, see the user guide included on the software CD.


Contents of this document:


1         What’s in the box

2         What’s NOT in the box

3         Requirements

4         Hardware setup

5         Installing the software

6         Running the application

7         Limitations



1.       What’s in the box?


The full retail package contains the following items:


·          Heavy Duty Base

·          Software CD (contains Software software, documentation, FAQ files, useful links)

·          USB cable

·          Warranty card

·          QuickStart guide



2.       What’s NOT in the box?


·                      Heavy Duty Base is an accessory for your camcorder or webcam. We do not manufacture cameras; we give them mobility. Our products are meant to work with your existing camera. A camera is NOT included.


·                      To ensure stability when using Heavy Duty Base with a camcorder, you must use a camcorder tripod. A camcorder tripod is not included.


·                      It is up to you to interface your camera’s video to your PC using a Firewire interface or a video capture card. No video interfacing equipment is included.





3.       Requirements


·      CD-ROM drive

·      32 MB of RAM

·      20 MB of free hard disk space

·      Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, or XP

·      Digital video camcorder

·      Camcorder tripod


4.       Hardware Setup


1.    Screw the camera shoe, shown in Figure 1, into the ¼” screw thread on the bottom of your camcorder.

2.    Mount the Heavy Duty Base onto your camcorder tripod, treating the Heavy Duty Base as if it were a camcorder and following the directions that came with the tripod.

Do not continue without mounting your Heavy Duty Base on a tripod. The weight of a camcorder may cause the Heavy Duty Base to tip otherwise.

3.    Plug the flat end of the USB cable into your computer’s USB port.

4.    Plug the other end of the USB cable into the USB connector on the back of the Heavy Duty Base.

5.    Move Heavy Duty Base’s lock lever counter-clockwise to its open position.

6.    Lower your camcorder onto the Heavy Duty Base, guiding the camera shoe into the space between the shoe guide and the lock lever as shown in Figure 2.

7.    Move the lock lever clock-wise all the way to its closed position, as shown in Figure 3. You should feel the camcorder click into place.

8.  Make sure that your camcorder feels firmly locked into place. If it does not, repeat steps 6-9.

Do not attempt to use your Heavy Duty Base before you are sure that your camcorder has locked into place securely. 

Figure 1. The camera shoe


Text Box: Shoe Guide

Figure 2. Lowering the camera onto the Heavy Duty Base, guiding the camera shoe into the space between the shoe guide and the lock lever.




 Figure 3. Closing the lock lever