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What do YOU Sell?
Want to Sell More?

Let Your Visitors Recommend Your Web Site
Sell by Word of Mouth!

If you want to sell more let your visitors recommend your web site! because...

Word of Mouth Sells, Silence Does Not.

One time purchase price of $49.95 (now only $29.95) gives you the software to run your own Send-To-A-Friend program like we do.  Demo    Requirements

A person enters their name and email address and also enters a friends name and email address and also any comments.  Then once they hit submit both they and their friend get the email AND so do you.

Now you have just collected two more email addresses. 

The following features are included with the software:

  • Customize your referral button or text link

  • Customize your referral pop-up form

  • Customize your referral email subject

  • Customize your referral email body

  • Unlimited modifications to the referral components

  • Unlimited referral emails

  • Log time stamping and associated actions performed by referrers

  • You email list is built with the email addresses of both your referrers and also the person they referred.

After your purchase, we provide you with two HTML webpages and one PHP webpage.

These will be placed into your own website where you can customize the look and feel to be just like your own website.   By submitting the form, your referrer sends a message to a friend. After that, a thank you window appears.

HTML Page 1:  Send to a friend (you can customize the look and feel of this page)
HTML Page 2:  Thank you (you can customize the look and feel of this page)  
PHP     Page 1: What runs the entire process

Demo 1: 
Demo 2: 
Demo 3: 
Demo 4:  




Unix server, you need to be able to have .php pages on your website.

Windows server, you must be able to have .asp pages on your website.

AND we can always install it for you.  Please order the product and then contribute $20 for our labor at this webpage  and then please send us your website name, FTP user id and password.  Questions contact us







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