Tessa #02-032

Tessa is a little sweetheart.  According to information given, she is approximately 9 weeks old.  She is soft and curly and reminds me of a snuggly teddy bear.  Tessa is very affectionate and crawls into your lap when you sit on the floor and falls right asleep.  She loves to be scratched behind her ears and reaches her paw out to curl around your arm or leg.

Tessa was fairly meek her first day here but has shown her true colors the last day or two!  She can be quite vocal at times.  She really likes when you talk to her and loves being lavished with pets and kisses.  Tessa gets along fine with our cat and other dogs, and really seems more interested in human attention.  She will make someone a wonderful companion.



Steve Cook picked up Tessa this morning. There is little doubt that she will live like a queen.  He was busy last night washing up dog beds and toys from his previous Golden, Dusty, that he lost to old age last fall.  They were on their way to their first PetSmart visit to buy a few "goodies" and then get settled in Tessa's new digs.  At this point, Steve has no plans to change her name - kind of nice that she will always stay Tessa - it fits her.  Check out Steve's website at www.321cam.com and watch for updates and pictures of Tessa as she grows - he even promises live webcam!  I'll check back with Steve within the week, then submit paperwork/checks for both dogs at that time.

I guess all that's left is to sit down and have a good cry!