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Turn your lights or anything else on and off
using the internet

Turn on/off just about anything that can plug into a wall outlet including appliances.
Please contact us if you are interested in this feature.   email: manager @

TEST IT OUT     Turn on/off our my table lamp
1) Login (click here)
2) type in the search box        puppy           and then hit enter
3) look for a webcam that mentions Turning Lights On/Off.
4) click on the picture on the left side
          (picture of a golden retriever).
) Move the camera up and center at the lamp if the cam is not already.
6) Click on the Turn Light On Off Button.  Be Patient, it can take up to 5 seconds to respond.
    HOURS:  M-F  8am to 8pm central time (GMT-6)

Watch your home/business when no one is there and also turn lights on and off at the same time you are watching it live!   Great for security, or areas that you don't want to waste electricity leaving a light on 24/7.

Turn lights on via the internet, requires pc, internet connection, electric outlet, lamp.   I provide the other equipment and software.

   $199.99 for the equipment and software.

You need to have:
   a)  PC running Windows XP
   b)  Broadband Internet connection
   c)  Lamp
   d)  Extra electrical outlet near lamp and also one at the PC
   e)  You will need to edit a couple files on your computer using notepad, or you will send it to me as an attachment in an email, I make the change and send it back to you.   You can also use a free trial of which will let me make the changes for you.
   f)   You will also need to install some software that I send you as a download.  This is separate from the couple files that you need to edit.   This software installation part is easy.

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