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Broadcast from your own webcam or camcorder

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Choose to Record 24 hours a day.
Choose to Record upon movement.
Choose to Watch your recording from any other computer connected to the internet.
Choose to broadcast to cell phones.
Choose to talk using a microphone and our BuddyTalk option.
Choose to broadcast from a Webcam OR Camcorder.
Choose to control up to 4 cameras with 1 computer.
Choose to do full video conferencing.
Choose to Make a Movie.
Choose to Play the move back.
Choose to make a Panoramic Image.
Choose to do motion surveillance.
Choose to do a web broadcast.
Choose to change the video picture size, frame rate, compression, audio etc...
Choose to use the Voice Commands.
Choose to Automatically Track Movement.
Choose to connect to the camera using a remote PC.
Choose to have your camera up to 300 feet away from your PC.
And many, many more!!!

The software is free with any purchase, no recurring charges, no other charges at all.
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