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Case Study

Situation:  Architect firm is designing a building

They want to show the blue prints to the client, without having to have all the people fly into one location...
Saving time and money from having to fly 3 clients into the main design firms office.

They held this meeting twice a week during the design phase using the service.  

  • Main Architect Office:

  • Put a wireless webcam in the meeting room, facing a white board (magic marker, dry eraser type).

  • This wireless webcam transmitted the signal from that meeting room to the computer in another office

  • The computer in that office is connected to the internet (referred to as the "Broadcaster")

  • The signal to the internet was password protected

  • Password protection is a free option that you can use, or not (it's up to you)

  • Change the password anytime you want


  • Client #1 marketing manager stayed in her "home office" and went to the website to view the meeting


  • Client #2 ad agency also went to the website to view the same meeting


  • Client #3 Senior Executive stayed in his office to view the meeting


  • Each of these clients was assigned a different color.

  • When they wanted to make changes to the design of the new building, all they had to do is use the paint/draw feature and make their notes on the screen on their computer, which is a live image of the meeting room in the architects firm’s office


  • Each of these three clients and the architect firm also used chat, which is just like instant messenger.


  • The meeting room that had the webcam is called the "broadcaster"

  • The meeting room also had a speaker telephone turned on

  • Then all of the clients dialed a special telephone number which allowed all of them to talk and listen in on the meeting

If you password protect your own webcam (referred to as the Broadcaster), no one else will see it unless you tell him or her the password.  Great for business meetings, and also when young kids are communicating with their friends or grandparents...


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