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Custom Programming your remote control base...

Interested in writing custom programs to control your remote control base for a webcam or a digital camcorder? This page provides information on how to do that and links to the downloads you'll need.

If You Just Want to Change Remote Access...

If you're just interested in customizing the experience of remote users, take a look through the files in the directory on your computer (after you have the software and video system up and running) c:\program files\eagletron\trackercam\httproot. These PHP, JavaScript, and HTML files make up the web pages remote users see.

The PHP routines are interpreted by the base's built-in web server and communicate with us to pass movement requests to the hardware.   The JavaScript routines are interpreted by remote users' web browsers and send information back to the server-side PHP routines by submitting HTML forms. Sample files with commented code are provided to help you get started in creating your pages containing movement control buttons and the video image.

Control from a C++ or C# Program

If you'd like to be able to control your Base's movement from your own C++ or C# code, download our custom programming library.  (zip file)

After downloading and unzipping the library, run compodsrv_setup.exe. This application installs TrackerPod / PowerPod Manager in your windows directory, a small utility that will run automatically when your code calls the library. In your own programs, you need to include the TrackerPod.h header file in your source file and link the static single thread TrackerPod_ml.lib or the multi-thread TrackerPod_mt.lib library.

Call the CTrackerPod::CreateTrackerPod() function to get a CTrackerPod instance pointer. Read through the sample project called TrackerPod for concrete examples of how to use the library and the README.TXT file for additional documentation.

Control from Visual Basic, ActiveX

If you'd like to control Base's movement from Visual Basic or ActiveX, you need to download our custom programming COM object.  (zip file)

After downloading and unzipping the package, run compodsrv_setup.exe. This program extracts the TrackerPod component to your Windows directory and registers it. The installed component file name is trackerpod_com.dll.

Refer to the sample C++ or VB project for examples of how to use the component and to the README.TXT file for additional documentation.

What You Cannot Do

Our library and COM object do not include code for manipulating the camera's video image, only the ability to control the pan and tilt movement of your remote control base.

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