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The software is free with any purchase, no recurring charges, no other charges at all.
High Definition 720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p Supported


1)   Main Software download

Click Here --->>  to download the Full version    Version Full   6.78 MB 
Save to your C drive and install from there.
THIS IS THE MAIN software THAT runs the remote control base......

Archive of older versions




2) <---click picture for larger view
Multi-Cam software up to 4 webcams on 1 pc - software description and download
A complete digital surveillance system including multi-camera support. This is also a free download, but must be licensed with a hardware dongle to activate capture. The license is $99 or free if you own or buy at least one TrackerPod/PowerPod to go with it. 

FAQ's click here


3) Digital Camcorder software 
Hooking up your camcorder to your pc - software description and download


4) SDK - Software Developers Kit   
Custom Programming


5) Instruction Manual  
How to install, run and manage


High Definition 720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p support in DVdriver, PTZdriver

November 2009: The software now supports HD. Formats up to 1080p can now be selected in DVdriver and PTZdriver. The new versions are now available. Sufficient CPU, RAM, and video memory resources are required for higher resolutions and frame rates. Trials of these programs can  be downloaded from

CamPanel Upgrade

September 2009: CamPanel allows you to connect to multiple cameras from the same graphical user interface, while maintaining individual settings for all the separate video feedsCrime Stoppers. Now CamPanel allows you to see local and remote video feeds. It also allows you to display them all simultaenously on multiple screens on one computer.  CamPanel Trial can  be downloaded from

DVdriver Helps Gmail Users with New Google Video Chat

Google's new videochat feature supports Logitech cameras. But what if you have a different camera? If you have a camcorder or a camera that does not work with google video chat, then DVdriver can help. Just download and install the free trial version of DVdriver from: Install and run it, selecting your TV capture device when asked to Load Video Device.



What can the software do?  Features, Functions, Options overview...

Our software only works with Windows PC's, sorry doesn't work with Macintosh computers

Remote Control
Base Software


Works with webcams
Works with camcorders
Pant/tilt control
Runs w/o Tracker/PowerPod
Digital zoom control
Optical zoom control
Serves video to Web
Pan/tilt over Web
Person tracking
Motion tracking
Use video in up to 7 apps
Capture multiple streams
Still image capture
Movie capture
Scheduled capture
Motion triggered capture
Motion triggered alarms
FTP upload captured images
Access via cell phone
Built-in chat
Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP


Remote Control Base Software:

  • Our Main Software DOWNLOAD:  Click here
    (To Install:  save the file to your computer, then double click the file you saved)

    Software version 5.12 
    (6.25MB Viewable from cell phones).   (do not plug in the hardware until the software tells you to).  If you purchase our complete system, you will get this software and also the  webcam software on the CD that comes with the system.
  • This only works with our Remote Control Base that you can buy here
  • For Logitech Camera software click here. Click your country, then Downloads, then Cameras, then QuickCamPro 4000
  • What can the software do?  Features, Functions, Options overview...
  • To obtain the software, you will download it from this webpage, it doesn't come on CD but you can purchase a CD for $10.




Multi-Cam Software Features: (up to 4 cameras on one pc)

Features: (up to 4 cameras on one pc)



Software for your digital camcorder    Buy it now    Free Trial Version

The idea of hooking up your camcorder to your PC and using it with the many software applications available for webcams seems natural. But ask anyone who's tried and and you know that programs that work with webcams hardly ever work with camcorders.

DVdriver lets you use your camcorder in software designed for webcams.

DVdriver needs to be purchased separately but make sure you really need DVdriver.  This heavy duty base comes with the software application which can control a heavy duty digital cam-corder base and receive digital video from a camcorder.

Customers only need to buy DVdriver if they want one of the following features, which only DVdriver provides:

--ability to use the camcorder's video stream in multiple applications simultaneously

--ability to control the optical zoom of certain camcorder's via software.

It can run with multiple webcam software applications simultaneously and can give you optical zoom, auto focus, stereo sound, auto stabilizing, night vision, high quality optics, and more, depending on your camcorder. Control zoom, focus, recording locally and over the internet, as well as pan and tilt with the optional robotic base.

Sample Uses

  • Broadcast camcorder video on the web using webcam software.

  • Videoconference with software like NetMeeting®.

  • Send camcorder video to instant messaging buddies with webcam-enabled IM software like Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger.

Unique Features

  • Run many apps at once: Feed your camcorder's video to several webcam applications simultaneously.

  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom control: Digitally zoom in and out. Shift the field of view in any direction. Control optical zoom of Canon ZR and compatible cameras.

  • PowerPod control:  With a Heavy Duty remote control robotic camcorder base, control pan (160º) and tilt (110º) from DVdriver.

Try it Now

Buy it Now

There is not an immediate software purchase. It takes several steps, but the software is worth it.  The steps are:

  1. Pay for the software

  2. Send us an email notifying us of your purchase

  3. Once the payment has been processed we will notify you by email.  (Can take up to 1 business day)

  4. We need to send you an activation key using your email address.   

  5. The activation key only lasts a few minutes, so we need to both be in front of our computers at the same time

  6. Please set up a time with us of when you will be on your computer ready to do the install.   At that time we will send you the activation key and also the program.   Let us know the time by email or phone.  

  7. OR

  8. If you get lucky and catch us during the week day via telephone, we can do it at that time together right then and there when you are calling and if you end up calling us, we will end up giving you an instant rebate of $5, or call you right back (depending on your location).

  9. File Size is 624KB   File is called dvdriver.exe


Send an email with your request and I will show you how to download it.  manager @ 


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