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Webmasters - Drive Traffic to your website:


Webmaster.   Want drive traffic to your own website?   Purchase our webmaster permissions and you can insert our viewer into your own website all for only $19.99   The viewer is just ours except it does not have our images or links at the top or side and it is white background with black letters, so you can brand it with your own look and feel.  

You will get both the signin/register page and also the live video page.

Our signin/register webpage is at this link 

Non USA residents, please click here   (you can always send the money via Western Union)

AFTER PAYMENT: Please send us an email where we can send the live video viewer webpages.  Once we are notified either by you or by PayPal of the payment, we will then send you the information via email.  So make sure you send us your valid email address. 


After payment we will give you:

1) Page 1: Sign in / register page that you can modify (similar to this one - click here), BUT WITHOUT any of the navigation on the top and left side AND with a plain white background.
2)  3+ images to upload to your website.
3)  Page 2: Frames page.   This 2nd page will be modified by you by inserting it into a frame on your own website.  Not sure what I am talking about?  Read up on frames below...
4)  You can even purchase the right to use one of our two original home pages we used for a year or more each
     original #1         original #2

A frames page is a special kind of HTML page that divides the browser window into different areas called frames, each of which can display a different page.

For example, a frames page created by using the Banner and Contents frames page template contains three frames: Banner, Contents, and Main.  Click here for a sample frames page!   

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