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Paying by Credit cards or Shipping outside the United States 

Currency Converter   Convert to and from US Dollars

Important: If the order is shipped outside the US or Canada, Click here.

If you are not in the United States:

 1) Use the same shopping cart in our PayPal Buy Now link to get the "total" of all products you want to purchase.  (if its just one, then you know the price already)

2) Copy that total and order information into an email and send it to us so we can give you an estimate of the entire order including shipping charges.

3) If you want, you can use the currency converter by clicking here

4) Pay for any of these ways using US Dollars for the currency (don't forget to add shipping):

1)Send Cash Fast Online  
Create a Western Union account  Log into your Western Union account  
You will be responsible for the actual Western Union Charges - which are not very high, so add that amount to the total.


2) Mail your payment to us by Bank Draft, Cashiers Check, Travelers Checks, personal checks etc. Click here for our mailing address.


3) Click here to purchase from a different website, prices are higher though.

CREDIT CARDS:  PayPal now allows you to pay using credit cards if you don't have a PayPal account or don't want to use your PayPal account.   Go ahead and click the checkout box and notice the lower left is for PayPal members, but the lower right is for credit card holders without PayPal (or for people that do not want to use their PayPal account).

OUTSIDE THE US:  Pay by Western Union by clicking here.   We only ship to "Confirmed PayPal Addresses" unless you pay by check, money order, bank draft, cashiers check etc... and also there most likely are extra shipping costs.  Please contact us letting us know your shipping address and we can give you an estimate on the shipping charges.   To contact us Click hereTo mail your payment to us make sure you include enough postage and mail with what you are ordering to
1138 Hunters Ct.
St. Paul, MN 55112-3710

PayPal Confirmed Addresses I'm PayPal Verified

What is a Confirmed Address?
A buyer's Confirmed Address is checked against the credit card billing address maintained by his or her credit card company, or is verified by PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal account and are paying by credit card.   Because Confirmed Addresses must be in the name of the account holder, Gift Addresses can never be confirmed.

What is an Unconfirmed Address?
An Unconfirmed Address is any address which is not associated with a credit card or which has not been verified by PayPal. Gift Addresses are considered Unconfirmed.
Most non-U.S. addresses cannot be confirmed at this time.





Extra charge for next business day delivery for US only.

After we agree upon a price (confirmed by email or fax or telephone), please pay for it using the buy now button below.
You will need to change the quantity of 1 to the exact dollar amount we agreed upon.  This is NOT a quantity of
the product, but instead is the price of the extra cost for next business day shipping.






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