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DayCare Providers 
Remote Monitoring

You don't need an expensive security solution to monitor an area while you are away. If you have a computer and internet service, then just add a RemoteControlBase to your webcam or digital camcorder to keep an eye on your home or office:

  • See camera images and move the camera from anywhere on the Internet using just a web browser

  • Cover an entire room (100° per second , 160° pan, 110° tilt, 300% digital zoom )

  • Place your RemoteControlBase and camera up to 300 feet away from a networked computer

  • Save up to 165 named pan/tilt viewpoints to turn to instantly

  • Set a password for security

  • Install TrackerCam Software (free) on the remote computer and listen to what's going on as well

  • 21st Century Parenting click here


Remote Monitor Your Pets!   top

Are you often away from home and wonder how your pets are doing? Use your RemoteControlBase to watch over your pets while you are at work or while you are away. Check if they've torn the place apart :), or put a RemoteControlBase near their food dish, and you will know when you need to call your house-sitter to drop by your house to give them food ...


Cockatoo Cam

Warcorp Kitty Cam

321 Puppy Cam



Digital Surveillance  top

Surveillance with expensive CCTV surveillance systems is a thing of the past. With digital surveillance, you don't need to rewind tapes, you don't need to worry about running out of tape, and with our software you have a large selection of high-tech features:

  • Save and index digital surveillance pictures on your own computer (1 month on a 10G disk saving one image per second)

  • No tapes, all on your hard drive, automatically erase oldest pictures to limit disk space used

  • Instantly access surveillance pictures by date and time index locally or over the Internet

  • View surveillance pictures like a time lapse movie at the speed of your choice

  • Program a repeating sequence of up to 165 pan/tilt viewpoints for surveillance sweeps

  • Enable motion detection to record only when there is motion

  • Enable motion detection to track whatever moved while recording

Released June 30, 2003: CMulti-Cam Software for multi-camera support.


Video Conferencing  top

With a webcam and a RemoteControlBase, you can enjoy videoconferencing right from your PC. Not only that, get up and walk around while TrackerCam Software keeps you in the picture! Here features of videoconferencing with a TrackerCam system:

  • Video conference and save on long distance

  • Use TrackerCam Software to make free Internet calls (voice, text, and video) with Buddies who also have TrackerCam

  • Use TrackerCam Software with existing video conferencing applications (NetMeeting, iVista, iVisit, Media Encoder, Instant Messengers, 321Cam, etc.)

  • Get notified when Buddies go on or offline and as soon as friends leave you messages

  • RemoteControlBase can track you to keep you in the picture as you move around while online


Web Marketing  top

Do you have a store, studio, bar, or restaurant that you want to promote? Enable potential clients to visit you on-line and look around your establishment.

You can also list your Cam on the LiveCams Community (an option provided by the Software) to increase traffic to your website.


What's New  top

Announcing DVdriver for Windows®

Sample Uses

  • Broadcast camcorder video on the web using webcam software.

  • Videoconference with software like NetMeeting®.

  • Send camcorder video to instant messaging buddies with webcam-enabled IM software like Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger.

Unique Features

  • Run many apps at once: Feed your camcorder's video to several webcam applications simultaneously.

  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom control: Digitally zoom in and out. Shift the field of view in any direction. Control optical zoom of Canon ZR and compatible cameras.

  • PowerPod control:  With a PowerPod robotic camcorder base, control pan (160º) and tilt (110º) from DVdriver.

Try or Buy Now

  • Give DVdriver a test spin by downloading the free trial version today.

  • Buy the full version now. (coming soon)


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