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Setting Up Your NetPassage26G for Use with the Network 802.11gig Pan/Tilt Webcam

Before you can use your Compex NetPassage26G to provide wireless access to your Network 802.11gig Pan/Tilt Webcam, you need to update the NetPassage's internal firmware with an update that supports Network 802.11gig Pan/Tilt Webcam. 

Note: After you complete this procedure, your Compex NP26G-USB will only work as a wireless webcam and our software.  If you have been using your NP26G-USB as a regular  network router, it will stop working in that capacity.


Complete the following steps.

  1. To download the firmware update from the Compex web site, use your web browser to go to the following URL:

  2. In the Category menu, select Wireless Products.

  3. In the Products menu, select NP26G-USB.

  4. Click Go. The web page displays a list of available firmware updates for your router.

  5. Select the update that has the word Webcam in the description field.

  6. Click Download and save the file to your computer.

  7. Unzip the file. You will end up with an .IMG file.

  8. Connect the NetPassage 26G to the Ethernet port of the computer you are using.

  9. Click the Windows Start menu and select Run. The Run dialog is displayed.

  10. In the Run Dialog, type CMD and press Enter. A window with a command prompt is displayed.

  11. At the command prompt, type the following two commands:
    IPCONFIG /release
    IPCONFIG /renew
    Note: If you are using Windows 2000 Professional, use /release_all and /renew_all.

  12. A list of network information is displayed. Verify that Default Gateway is listed as This is the default IP number of your router.

  13. In your web browser's address bar, type and press enter. Your browser displays a configuration page for your router.


  14. In the password field, type password.

  15. Click the Change Password link found under System Tools and create a new password for yourself.

  16. Click the Firmware Upgrade link under System Tools.

  17. Browse to the .IMG file you saved earlier in this procedure.

  18. Click Upgrade. A message is displayed when the upgrade process is complete. Reboot the NetPassage 26G if necessary. Unplug the Ethernet cable from your computer.


Your Compex NetPassage26G is now set up and can be used with a Remote Control Base. Confirm that the WLAN indicator light on NetPassage26G is lit. To control your Remote Control Base, use a web browser to browse to the IP address of your Compex router.


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