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Updating Compex NP26G-USB Firmware

About this Document

This document provides a procedure for updating the firmware (the internal software) of the Compex NP26G-USB so that the unit works with a remote control base and Webcam. Some NP26G-USBs have the firmware needed for use with webcams and our remote control base already installed, while others do not.

Note: After you complete this procedure, your Compex NP26G-USB will only work as a wireless webcam and our software.  If you have been using your NP26G-USB as a regular  network router, it will stop working in that capacity.

Before You Begin

For this procedure, you will need:

  • The Simply Compex CD that came with the Compex NP26G-USB.

  • A PC with an Ethernet port

  • An Ethernet cable

Connecting the Network 802.11gig Pan/Tilt Webcam to Your Network

Before you begin, you need to connect the Network 802.11gig Pan/Tilt Webcam to your network by completing the following steps:

  1. Connect the NP26G-USB's power cable to the unit and plug the power adapter into a working electrical outlet.

  2. For wireless use, make sure the wireless network is up and running and the Network TrackerCam is located in its range--it should detect and connect to your network automatically.
    For wired use, connect an Ethernet cable from a LAN outlet on your network to the port labelled WAN on the back of the NP26G-USB.

  3. The WLAN indicator light on the NP26G-USB should flash if you are using a wireless network or the WAN light should turn on if you are using a wired network. It might take a few minutes for the NP26G-USB to detect you network and for the indicator to light.   If the indicator does not light, it means that the NP26G-USB is not detecting your network and you need to check your network connection before you can proceed.

Determining Whether You Need to Update the Firmware or not

To determine if your NP26G-USB has the firmware you need, power up up the NP26G-USB with only a webcam connected to one of the USB ports. If the USB indicator light on the front of the NP26G-USB comes on and stays on, the needed firmware is already installed. If the USB light does not come on, you need to update the firmware.

Downloading the Firmware Update to your PC

If you need to update the NP26G-USB's firmware, complete the following steps.

  1. Start your web browser and browse to the following URL:

  2. In the Category menu, select Wireless Products.

  3. In the Products menu, select NP26G-USB.

  4. Click Go. The web page displays a list of available firmware updates for your router.

  5. Select the update that has the word Webcam in the description field.

  6. Click Download and save the file to your computer.
  7. Unzip the file. You will end up with an .IMG file.
  8. Next you will extract and use uConfig Software to upgrade the firmware. 

Extracting Compex uConfig Software

  1. Insert the Simply Compex CD that comes with the NP26G-USB into your computer's CD-ROM drive.

  2. If the CD does not load automatically, double-click the CD-ROM icon on your desktop.

  3. The Compex Product CD browser is displayed. Click Utilities.

  4. Click uConfig Utility Software.

  5. When prompted, select Save.

  6. When the Save As dialog is displayed, navigate to your desktop and click Save.

  7. Quit the Compex Product CD browser.

Performing the Update

You are now ready to transfer the firmware update from your PC to the Compex NP26G-USB. Complete the following steps.

  1. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the port labeled 1 on the back of the NP26G-USB.

  2. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to your PC's Ethernet port.

  3. Double-click the uConfig.exe icon on your desktop.

  4. If you get a network error message, quit and restart uConfig. It may take some time for your computer to establish a connection with the NP26G-USB.

  5. The uConfig program window is displayed. Look at the section of the window labeled Compex Products List and highlight the NetPassage 26G.

  6. Then click the rotating globe below the list.

  7. If you get a network error message, repeat the previous 3 steps.

  8. Your Network 802.11gig Pan/Tilt Webcam's URL is shown in your browser's address bar. Write down this URL or save it as a Favorite or Bookmark.

  9. When prompted for a password, enter password.

  10. Click the Firmware Upgrade link under System Tools.

  11. Browse to the .IMG file you saved earlier in this procedure.

  12. Click Upgrade. A message is displayed when the upgrade process is complete.

  13. Reboot the NetPassage 26G if necessary.

  14. Unplug the Ethernet cable from port 1 on the Compex and your computer.

Using your Network 802.11gig Pan/Tilt Webcam

You can now begin using your Network 802.11gig Pan/Tilt Webcam. Start Internet Explorer on any computer connected to your LAN and browse to the URL you wrote down or bookmarked.

When you are prompted for a password to login to your Network TrackerCam, enter: password This is the default password. You can change it after you log in by clicking the link Change Password, on the left side of the main page under the heading System Tools.


Accessing your Network 802.11gig Pan/Tilt Webcam from outside your LAN

If you have a router or firewall between your LAN and the Internet, you may need to configure your router or firewall to forward port 80 to your Network TrackerCam's IP number.  Please consult your router or firewall's instructions.  Some general instructions on this procedure can be found here:

Substitute port 80 for the port number used in those instructions.


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