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The software is free with any purchase, no recurring charges, no other charges at all.
Click here to watch live video - all family friendly 

"QuickStart" Installation Guides:
Remote Control Base (for webcams)
Heavy Duty Remote Control Base (for digital CamCorders Non-Sony)
Heavy Duty Remote Control Base (for digital CamCorders Sony)
Network System and Remote Control Base
5)  IR Infrared Remote Control Base (Uses your TV Universal Remote Control to pan, tilt, rotate) 
What you can do with it
  • Remote Control the camcorder or webcam from any internet browser.  You can be at any computer that is connected to the internet and Pan tilt Rotate and Zoom.
  • Surveillance monitoring:  Set it up to scan a specific part or the whole room using a simple or even complex pattern.
  • Motion Detector:  Can automatically track a person when they come into the view of the camera.  Camera can follow automatically.
  • Recording video:  You can either
    a) record only when there was motion detected and turn off recording automatically when the motion stops
    b) record all the time and you control how many frames per second to record.  
    more frames per second mean more details but uses a lot more disk space
    less frames per second mean less details but uses a lot less disk space
  • Monitoring:  Detects, tracks and records movement.   From any browser you can view it live or even view the history of movement captured and recorded earlier.
  • Still image capturing
  • Movie video and audio capturing
  • Internet ready with password protected web server, remote positioning, viewing of motion history

It is a Remote Control Video System - A small robotic tripod on which you mount a webcam or digital camcorder.   In includes Artificial Intelligence software to control camera movement from your computer. Together they perform the function of a robotic camera-man for your webcam. With the system installed, your camera comes robotically alive, panning, tilting, and zooming under your computer's control.  
And you have access to over 120 live video public webcams right now (all family friendly).  To see them

What Can the Video System Do?

Remote Control – Connect to your Remote Control System over the web and make it pan, tilt, and zoom to see what you want with simple mouse-clicks or voice commands. Works with any webcam.

Digital Zoom – Scale the camera image from 50% to 300% to get a full view or close-up view using an ordinary webcam - takes advantage of high resolution webcams too.

Surveillance – Set your Remote Control System to scan a room or area in a simple or complex pattern exactly as you specify. Useful for monitoring banks, lobbies, workshop, parking lot, daycare, workrooms, etc.

Motion Tracking – The Remote Control System is tuned to track all human skin tones and can automatically pan and tilt to track the nearest person as they move around. Quality of tracking depends on quality of webcam.

Video Recording – Set your Remote Control System to record video from its input to your computer. Make your own home movies!

Automatic Notification by pager, email or alarm – When you are away and are not expecting any movement, set it to automatically notify you whenever there is any motion detected.   The system can notify you by pager, it can also send you an email including an image of the intruder and it can even set an audible alarm.

Live Remote Monitoring – With our surveillance, motion detection, tracking, and remote control features, the Remote Control System can monitor an entire room by detecting, tracking and recording movement. From anywhere in the world, use your web browser to view a history of the movement captured by your Remote Control System!

Cell PhonesView the live video from your cell phone.

Wireless system available - No more wires (or pc needed)

No PC system available - No pc needed

The Basics

Put a Passcode/Password on your video so only those that know it can view it.
List your camera on our website or not.  
Record 24 hours a day.
Record upon movement.
Watch your recording from any other computer connected to the internet.
Watch it from your cell phone.
Talk using a microphone and our BuddyTalk option.
Broadcast from a Webcam OR Camcorder.
Control up to 4 cameras with 1 computer.
Do full video conferencing.
Make a Movie.
Play the move back.
Make a Panoramic Image.
Motion surveillance.
Automatic notification if motion detected.
Web broadcast.
Change the video picture size, frame rate, compression, audio etc...
Voice Commands.
Automatically Track Movement.
Connect directly to the actual camera software from the internet using a remote PC.
Choose to have your camera up to 300 feet away from your PC.
And many, many more!!!

Our software only works with Windows PC's, sorry doesn't work with Macintosh computers

What Do these Functions Give You?

Freedom – With our person-tracking feature, you will no longer be confined to a fixed spot when video conferencing with your family, friends, and business associates. The Remote Control System automatically pans and tilts to keep you centered in the picture as you move around.

Flexibility – The Remote Control System's ultra-wide range of movement lets your camera point anywhere instantly without clumsy manual positioning or propping. With our point-and-click positioning feature, you can center subjects in the picture just by clicking on them. Or, with our mouse-tracking feature, you can pan and tilt anywhere by simply dragging your mouse around.

Improved Video-Conferencing – Using our specially designed software, we can help you get rid of the choppy, broken images normally associated with current video conferencing software.

Ease of Use – Our well-designed user interface lets you track movement, record videos, capture and upload regular or panoramic images with a simple click of a mouse or voice commands!

Compatibility – The Remote Control System works with your standard USB pc-cam (such as Logitech QuickCam® or Creative® WebCam) and is compatible with whatever video conferencing software you are currently using.

Minimum System Requirements
  • Windows 98 second edition, ME (millennium), 2000, XP home, XP Pro
  • Intel Pentium, Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium IV and faster
    AMD K6, AMD K6-2 133 MHZ and faster (200 MHZ or faster recommended
  • 32 MG (megabytes) of RAM (memory)
  • USB port
  • CD rom drive for software installation
  • Monitor capable of 24 bit color at 64 x 480 or more
  • Windows compatible sound card and also microphone if you want to hear and talk.  If you don't need to hear and talk, then no sound card or speakers needed.
  • Internet access 56k dialup, broadband (DSL, Cable), T1 etc...
  • Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher OR Netscape Navigator 6.0 or higher
  • 20 megabytes available hard disk space
  • Sometimes laptops/notebooks need additional power supply (click here for more information)
  • Laptops, External Power Supply and USB Hubs

Our software only works with Windows PC's, sorry doesn't work with Macintosh computers

Webcam Details
  • The webcam is a Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000.  Works well in low light because the main difference between webcams is the light-sensitive chip found inside.
  • Most webcams (all the cheap ones, and some expensive ones) have a so-called CMOS chip.   This is not as sensitive as the higher-quality CCD chip found in our webcam.








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